Cokeoven Consultants (P) Ltd. specializes in designing, erection and implementation of heat recovery coke ovens for producing LAMC, BF Coke & Foundry Coke for steel industry. The company started in 1984 by Mr. Anand Agarwalla and later other technical consultants for civil and structure joined the company. All possess a highly qualified experience specifically for non recovery/ heat recovery coke ovens. We offer integrated design and engineering consultancy services from concept to completion for a wide range of projects in the coal washery and coke oven industries, furnaces, heat and energy conversation.

Cokeoven Consultants (P) Ltd. offers an unparalleled depth of experience in Hard Coke Oven and washery industry, furnace and refractory industry. Comprising of employees more than 20, our technical staffs have an average o ......



 I appreciate the quality of products and services received. It’s the best deal we have gained and would like to work on more of future accompaniments.



Rajiv Dhanukha, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Expertise at is best. Good Luck Cokeoven Consultants (P) Ltd. Services. We would love to continue your benefits with our services.



Rashijeet Malkani. Punjab, India

 Hats off, Cokeoven Consultants (P) Ltd. We feel proud enough to be with your service benefits, a wide array of products, perfect project planning, as well as the expertise of your team professionals you have served to us. We would love to continue this relationship. Thanks.



Aniket Garoria. Gujarat, India.

We appreciate Cokeoven Consultants (P) Ltd. Services as the best one experienced by us in the industry. We would love to continue your benefits with our services.



Shankar Munjal. Cooch Bihar, India.

Warm regards and special thanks to Cokeoven Consultants (P) Ltd. Services. Hats off to their expertise & unparalleled profundity they have assured us on proffering high quality raw materials for our furnace and refractory industry.



Ritu Prakash Deora. Asansol, India.

Past Projects
Consultants to M/s Auroma Coke Ltd. for designing of New Coke Ovens with separate single chimney and washery including technical supervision & commissioning of Ovens.
Served as consultant to M/s Jindal Strips Limited for evaluation of washing characteristics of non-coking coal fines and determination of washing process.
Worked independently under guidance of M/s DGA Consultants headed by Shri A. R. Dasgupta to commission the Coke Ovens of M/s Wellman Incandescent (I) LTD at Nergundi.
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Inspection of Plant and Equipment

Inspection of indigenous Plant & Equipment and refractories at manufacturers works/premises before dispatch may be taken up on request of the CLIENT at extra cost. HOWEVER, CONSULTANT reserve rights to reject any material at manufacturers premises or on the site, if it is not found as per specifications.

Designers supervisio.....


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