Basic Engineering

  • Assistance in preparation of general layout
  • Technical help in completing NOC form for PCB.
  • Selection and description of process and suitable capacity.
  • Indication of requirement of plant & equipment.
  • Finalization of general layout of the plant.

Detailed Engineering

  • Preparation of technical specifications for plant & machinery.
  • Preparation of technical specification and MSPls of quantities for refractories for inviting tenders.
  • Technical evaluation of tenders for items 1,2 above and recommendations thereon.
  • Approval of steel structural fabrication drawings prepared by structural fabricators on basis of plant requirement.
  • Approval of vendor’s general arrangement and assembly drawings of plant, and equipment confirming to CONSULTANT’ technical specification.
  • Issue of final drawings originally prepared by CONSULTANT.
  • CONSULTANT will draw the specifications for plant and machinery/refractories suggest name of at least three quality machinery suppliers and also help CLIENT if required in finalization of orders. However, it will be option of the CLIENT whether to seek CONSULTANT’ help.

Inspection of Plant and Equipment

  • Inspection of indigenous Plant & Equipment and refractories at manufacturer’s works/premises before dispatch may be taken up on request of the CLIENT at extra cost. HOWEVER, CONSULTANT reserve rights to reject any material at manufacturer’s premises or on the site, if it is not found as per specifications.
  • Designer’s supervision and technical supervision during erection and commissioning on fixed intervals.
  • CONSULTANT shall render designer’s supervision at site as follows:
  • Interpretation of drawings prepared by CONSULTANT.
  • Interpretation of specifications and codes of practice.
  • Carrying out variation in design carried out by CONSULTANT by the way of substitution of section and materials in the drawings.
  • Design modifications in the drawings prepared by CONSULTANT due to site conditions.
  • Interpretation of test results submitted by contractors/testing agencies.
  • Formulation of testing schedule.
  • Technical assistance to the CLIENT in trial runs and commissioning of the plant.


  • Development of any off-site and infrastructure facilities like general civil buildings, water supply, power supply, roads, etc and detailed drawings for civil and structural work.
  • Testing of coal/raw materials etc.
  • Preparation of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environment Management Plan (EMP) reports including generation of base data.
  • Invitation and receipt of tenders.
  • Procurement of plant & equipment, refractories and any other item.
  • Day to day construction, erection and commissioning. However, at the time of commissioning technical support will be provided by CONSULTANT.
  • Detailed day-to-day supervision including checking of quantities and certification of MSPls for payment, project monitoring.
  • Manufacturing drawings for bought out items under turnkey package of oven machines, pumps, crushers etc.
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